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In a few minutes, you will begin the evaluation of your skills in terms of knowledge and know-how for a given Purchasing or Supply Chain job. It will take you about two hours in total, and the evaluation time can be split into as many sessions as you like.

At the end of the exercise, you will obtain your own score against the set of skills that are usually recognized as the most useful in order to be successful in the selected job.

The score is calculated based on your replies to series of questions and your decisions about realistic situations.
The process will assess current capabilities, identify critical competencies that are available, and potential gaps that exist, then a customised training and development plan will be suggested.

Developing and adjusting one’s own competencies are critical responsibilities for an individual who wants to steer his/her own career: similarly, a manager that wants his/her organisation to deliver best value for the Company in today’s competitive global arena, has to develop and nurture his/her organisation’s talents for current and future challenges.

The quality of the outcome depends on you.

Have a great experience.